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Reliving King of the Ring 1996 and more

I was thrilled to be a guest on one of my favorite new wrestling podcasts, “What A Maneuver,” in which the hosts go week-by-week through 1996, watching every episode of Raw and Nitro and all the pay-per-view shows. Since I was in attendance for King of the Ring on June 23, 1996, co-host Joe Drilling invited me onto the show.

As you’ll hear early on, I did not have cable at home way back then, so reliving the beginnings of the Monday Night Wars through this podcast has been, for me, a captivating walk through pro wrestling history. Any entry-level wrestling historian can tell you the most memorable event of King of the Ring 1996, but it’s a sneaky-good show for the era. (The Raw from the next night, however, is pretty terrible.) And though it should be easy to remember, it’s worth noting KOTR is just two short weeks before WCW Bash At The Beach 1996, and we all know what happened that day.

Anyway, click the link up top to find the show page and enjoy more than two hours of Joe and I breaking down some really great and really awful wrestling from 16 years ago this week.